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~ Immigration Law ~

At Alvarez de Bennett Law, we realize the importance of paying close attention to details and understand the "personal" component of each of our immigration cases. We believe it important to stay up to date on the various government offices and agencies involved. Also, we make sure to use the latest forms introduced by USCIS so that our cases are not delayed. We understand the need to provide timely and efficient immigration services to our clients. We are licensed to represent immigration clients in all 50 states.

Alvarez de Bennett Law has represented clients from all over the world in immigration cases. Here are some of the countries that our clients call home:

Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Peru, Portugal, Vietnam, France, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Russia, El Salvador, Bangladesh, Kenya, Guatemala and more!

Family-Based Petitions
Employment-Based Petitions
Temporary Visas and Temporary Work Visas
Naturalization & Citizenship
Immigration Relief/Deportation/Cancellation of Removal Cases
Immigration Case Testimonials

Family-Based Immigration Services
  ♦   Family-based petitions for spouses, children, siblings and parents of US citizens
  ♦   Family-based petitions for spouse and children of legal permanent residents
  ♦   Spouse visas/Fiancé visas/Fiancée visas

When a client has an interview at a USCIS office, we prepare our clients for the interview by holding a "mock interview" to ease our clients' nerves, and also attend the interview with our clients.

Employment-Based Immigration Services
  ♦   Employment based petitions based on different levels of skills
  ♦   Priority Workers, Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability, Skilled Workers, Professionals, Religious Workers, Other Workers, Certain Special Immigrants, and Employment Creation (Investors)

Temporary Visas and Work Visas
  ♦   F-1 visas for student visas for studying at college, universities, public schools, and private schools
  ♦   J-1 visas, J-1 waivers, and J-1 extensions
  ♦   H-1B visas for those with an advanced decree and special skill
  ♦   H-2B visas for seasonal workers (vacation spots), and other temporary work fields (construction)
  ♦   H-2A visas for agricultural workers
  ♦   P-1 visas for Professional Athletes (golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  ♦   O visas for those with extraordinary abilities (coaches, researchers, and other fields)
  ♦   R-1 visas for religious workers
  ♦   Lottery visas
  ♦   Reinstatement and Substitute Sponsor of immigrant petitions
  ♦   U visas for victims of crimes & VAWA for victims of domestic violence
  ♦   Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  ♦   B-1/B-2 Visitor Visas for tourism and business

Naturalization & Citizenship
We assist clients in preparing for the citizenship exam and also offer citizenship preparation classes through local organizations. We help legal permanent residents apply for citizenship and for children obtain derivative citizenship benefits when eligible.
  ♦   N-400 Citizenship for Qualifying Legal Permanent Residents
  ♦   N-600 Citizenship for Qualifying Derivative Children of U.S. Citizens
  ♦   Replacement of Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate
  ♦   Applying for Certificate of Citizenship Abroad

Other Immigration Services
  ♦   Reinstatement and Substitute Sponsor of immigrant petitions
  ♦   I-751 Removal of Condition for Permanent Residency
  ♦   Replacement of Lost or Stolen Resident Card
  ♦   I-601 waiver for unlawful presence & I-212 waiver for certain crimes

Immigration Relief & Deportation Cases
When a client receives a "Notice to Appear" in immigration court, we work diligently to prepare for the case by quickly gathering affidavits from character witnesses and other supporting documentation to help our client apply for immigrant relief if available. We also prepare a well-organized argument to present to the government to demonstrate why relief should be granted. We have been successful in having removal proceedings terminated based on organized case preparation and communication with the government on the case.

We offer the following services in immigration relief and deportation cases:
  ♦   Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents & Non-permanent Residents
  ♦   Asylum
  ♦   Termination of Deportation Proceedings
  ♦   Application for Voluntary Departure
  ♦   Change of Venue/Motion for Telephonic Hearings
  ♦   Brief-writing on certain legal issues

We can offer personal references from past and present immigration clients. If you would like more information on any of our immigration services, please send an email or call us at 405.232.2749 (Oklahoma City) or 918.260.5763 (Tulsa) to discuss your case.

Immigration Case Testimonials
Visit our client testimonials page to read about the success we have had on immigration cases.

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